Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mark Maire Sr RIP

Two nights ago, Mark Maire Sr, joined Gregory and Al for the Final Family Reunion. RIP all!

I remember one time, maybe three years ago by now, when Gregory and I went to Battle Creek, Michigan to visit his family. By then Gregory was fairly advanced with his Dementia/ Alzheimer's and Mark had been ailing after a major heart attack.

Colleen and Junior were hosting dinner at their home in Augusta, Michigan. Gregory and I stayed with them during our trip. We were all ready and waiting for Mark Sr. and Diane to arrive.

After arriving and taking off their coats etc, Gregory and Mark greeted each other. I think that everyone in the family noticed the significance and importance of their greeting.

Mark could not talk because of the trachonomy and weakened throat muscles due to his stroke and Gregory no longer had command of his language due to the Dementia.

The two brothers smiled broadly at each other and embraced in bear hugs for what seemed to go on for many minutes.  Not a word was spoken. Not a word was able to be spoken. Not a word was needed to be spoken.

The love that was exchanged; the empathy, the family history, the respect; needed no words. Everyone in the room could feel it.

Now, both Mark Sr and Gregory, with the addition of Al who died shortly after Gregory moved into the Lieberman Center, are embarrassing for eternity, expressing empathy and love and sharing memories; without needing to exchange a word.

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