Sunday, April 16, 2017

What a Lot of Posts

What a lot of posts today! 

Sat down today to think about what I am up to lately:

ALZHEIMER'S: A Love Story, the documentary continues to travel and do well around the U.S.A. and around the world. 77+ film festival acceptances. 35+ awards.

I have begun writing the script for ALZHEIMER'S: The Musical.

I came up with a new concept for an opera using some of my poems called: ALZHEIMER'S: A Poetic Opera, How many poems in a dozen? Eight?

I am working on GYROSCOPE: An Alzheimer's Love Story, my memoirs.

I continue to BLOG here at "michael a. horvich writes."

The MORE THAN EVER EDUCATION FUND second annual luncheon is coming up on Wednesday, May 3. I have been attending meetings with the administrator of the fund, La Casa Norte as well as seeking raffle prizes, mailing out invitations, and regularly posting about the event on social media.

I have recently been invited to join and have accepted a position as Board Member on a fledgling opera group called The Floating Opera Theater.

I have been attending a new group in the area called "The New 100" which is a creative incubator which meets monthly with attendees sharing new works in the arts for the purpose of networking, workshopping, connecting, etc.

There is a possibility that Michael's Museum: A Curious Collection of Tiny Treasures, a permanent exhibit at Chicago Children's Museum since 2011, will add a number of collections to the already existing 105!

I do this every now and then to remind myself that I am still alive and not lazy even though it feels at times like I am "slowing down."

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