Thursday, July 27, 2017

La Casa Norte and More Than Ever Education Fund


Good morning. After yesterday’s meeting, I wanted to sit down and form, in writing, my thoughts about the More Than Ever Education Fund/La Casa Norte relationship. 

I could not be any more pleased, think of any better match, know of any other of my relationships to be as strong and meaningful, or be any more supportive of a cause that is such an important one to me.

I wanted to again reaffirm how grateful I am to be part of the La Casa Norte family! And I DO mean family! I always feel so welcome when I arrive at one of the LCN facilities or at a LCN function. I have made many friendships over the years with staff and fellow donors and enjoy them each time I am greeted by a smiling face and a hug. Sol, our friendship continues to grow over time and I look forward to its becoming stronger in professional as well a personal ways. “Let’s go out for Cuban!” Working with Jessica, Angela, Lorena, Emily, Katie, Alejandro, Marco, and so many others is always fun, meaningful, easy, and supportive. 

I so admire the work you have done and do on behalf of LCN and am in awe of the number of families and youth confronting homelessness which your work has touched and the number lives improved you have been part of. I know that it takes a team and that you have not done this alone, but the director of any organization affects each person in that organization and each person who received that organization’s support. Your direction has been done in a way that each person feels more committed, more involved, and more responsible in meeting LCN’s mission as well as giving the families and youth with whom we work a great feeling of success, comfort, security, acceptance, and support !

In many ways you and LCN have made my job easy. While I know I have put a lot of effort into the success of the MTE Education Fund, it also seems like all I have to do is “show up” and wave to the crowd! I certainly could not have done all we have done by myself and knowing that LCN and you and your staff are behind me is very comforting and very gratifying!

Gregory and I have been long time friends of LCN and done much for LCN over the years but our most current efforts (kiddingly) have NOT met our expectations if only because we NEVER expected to be able to do such good for so many so easily so quickly … and, again, while Gregory and I continue to “show up,” you guys work so hard to make it all possible. We are grateful.

I want to reiterate that in whatever ways you see fit to use the funds we have raised, I will agree. I do not profess to be an expert but part of my giving to you and La Casa Norte is making myself available with  my education background, my experience with youth and the kind of work LCN does, and in my “Holy Krap I Can’t Believe I’m 72 Years Old” wisdom as well as “Hohoho, have a candy cane!" I am grateful to be part of the “Youth in College” program and "More Than Ever Education Fund" resource team. I find my creative self, my educational self, and my personal self stimulated because of being a part of the time and it gives me purpose in my life.

Just one minor apology, “Willy Nilly” was a totally inaccurate term to use. And I again want to make sure you correct it to read, “A work in progress,” “Fine tuning,”  “Thinking on one’s feet,” “Running to keep up with the need,” etc. I have already learned so much from you and look forward to learning more about this thing called “Charitable Organization” and "Fund Raising!” 

I look forward to many years of close collaboration before we have to begin giving out the Michael A. Horvich Scholarship Fund and/or the Michael A. Horvich Leadership Award! I look forward to the “ship coming in” and seeing what good we can do with that!

Fondly as well as with love,
Michael (and Gregory)

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