Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Unknowing Yogi

These thoughts spoke to me.

"The rejuvenating effects of sleep are due to man's temporary unawareness of body and breathing. The sleeping man becomes a yogi; each night he unconsciously performs the yogic rite of releasing himself from bodily identification, and of merging the life force with healing currents in the main brain region and in the six sub-dynamos (chakras)  of his spinal centers. Unknowingly, the sleeper is thus recharged by the cosmic energy that sustains all life."

Autobiography of a Yogi. Paramahansa Yoganhanada. 1945. Page 268.

"Gross man seldom or never realizes that his body is a kingdom, governed by Emperor Soul on the Throne of the Cranium, with subsidiary Regents in the six spinal centers or spheres of consciousness (Chakras.) This theocracy extends over a throng of obedient subjects; twenty-seven thousand billion in cells (endowed with sure if seemingly automatic intelligence by which they perform all duties and bodily growths, transformations, and dissolutions) and fifty million substratal thoughts, emotions,and variations of alternating phases in man's consciousness in an average life of sixty years.

"An apparent insurrection in the human body or mind against Emperor Soul, manifesting as disease or irrationality, is due to no disloyalty among the humble subjects, but stems from past or present misuse by man of his individuality or free will -- given to him simultaneously with a soul, and revocable never.

"Identifying himself with a shallow ego, man takes for granted that it is he who thinks, wills, feels, digests meals, and keeps himself alive, never admitting through reflection (only a little would suffice) that in his ordinary life he is naught but a puppet of past actions (karma) and of past Nature or environment (thoughts and experiences. )

Autobiography of a Yogi. Paramahansa Yoganhanada. 1945. Page 272.

So the two lessons are work at removing yourself from the conceited thoughts that it is you alone who is in charge of yourself. Rather, the question is "Who are you?" Ego vs true self?

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