Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Happy Other Birthday Gregory

Today celebrates the second anniversary of Gregory’s having died. I am content in knowing that he is no longer having to deal with Dementia/ Alzheimer’s and that for the most part his death has also gifted me with not having to deal either. But I sure do miss him every day!

I often wonder what it is like where he is, as I do believe he is somewhere!

I wonder if he is experiencing anything which is like what I am able to imagine or remember about the Gregory whom I hold so dear in my memory and in my heart.

I wonder if he thinks of me, or can see me, or knows without words or thoughts or sight what I am doing and what I am thinking.

When I talk to him, mostly at night, I wonder if he already knows what I am saying or what I will say, what I am thinking or what I am going to think, what I am remembering or what I will remember.

Often I wish him well, wherever he is and tell him that I hope he is OK and progressing with whatever it is with which he is needing to progress. At least for the Gregory I know, he was close to perfect in most areas so I like to imagine that he has little to do in the way of making up for earlier times.

Another thing I have been wondering about is if the body dies forcing the soul/spirit out or if the soul/spirit decides “time is up” and by moving on causes the body to die.

In Gregory’s case I think that he was just finished and ready to move on. In thinking of his easy transition over three days, Pneumonia was not necessarily the cause because he wasn’t really sick before he began the process of dying. I think he just decided that it was time to stop. And he did.


  1. I wonder too. One day we will know the answers <3

  2. I can wait, and meanwhile just wonder :-) thanks Susan

  3. I've really been contemplating your question about which comes first; the dying soul/spirit or the dying body. As a recovering Catholic, I remember being taught that the soul and spirit were actually two separate things but so closely tied that only the word of God could divide them from each other. If they are that strong of a force, one could surmise that they are the leaders of the exit strategy. Interesting concept, regardless of the higher power/deity/supreme being that one follows.

    Love you!

    1. That is an interesting concept. But what happens if the body breaks down enough that it’s not functioning so the spirit/Sol says we better get out of here! Which came first the chicken or the egg? Will have to think about this some more.


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