Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hospice Care

One should not feel bad about obtaining hospice care for their loved one! I also believe one should not offer their condolences just yet when they are told by a friend that someone in the family is now receiving hospice care!

Gregory had hospice care the last 12 or so months of his life and the hospice nurses, doctors, and social workers were wonderful. Not only in their extra care for Gregory but for the peace of mind and education they gave me on the trajectory of Alzheimer's and the process of dying. 

Those twelve months of his life were beautiful, full of love, and offered many unexpected gifts to both of us.

No one likes to face death but it is part of embracing life and something we all must do sooner or later for others in our life or for ourselves! People will say of Gregory's death, "I am so sorry." in my inimitable style I cannot just say thank you but need to reply, "I am NOT sorry he died. I miss him. I am sad. But I am NOT sorry.

He was ready to move on to his next adventure and that helped me be ready as well. Hospice made it comfortable for both of us." 

In our culture, we have what I consider the bad habit of avoiding talking about and openly dealing with death. We should use the example of the celebration of death as done for the Mexican Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead!

Gregory's dad and mom, Ed and Helen, on left.
Michael's dad and mom, Lou and Adeline, on right.

• • •

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