Saturday, February 24, 2018

Feeling Marginalized

Last year, when the monumental worldwide Woman's March, in protest to Mr. Trump, took place in January, I participated in one while on vacation in San Pancho, Mexico.

The energy and unity was amazing while 2,000+ women, men, children, and dogs marched down the main street from the soccer field to the plaza. Signs were carried proudly and announced creative comments and photographs dealing with solidarity and woman's rights. I carried a small, 4x6 card mounted on a popsicle stick which said: I ❤️ LGBTQ

Other similar marches took place in every major city (and smaller ones as well) not only in the United States but around the world!

At the time I began being bothered by this label "Women's" march. With so many marginalized groups, including my own LGBTQ one, being oppressed, I guess I resented the protest(s) being often only about woman and their rights! What about Blacks, Immigrants, Latinos, etc, only some of whom are women?

The protests have continued and are gaining numbers and strength and it appears that they will continue! All across the world hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of disgruntled people are not "taking it anymore" protesting "now is the time!"

I guess the conflict, for me, was similar to "Black Lives Matter" vs "All Lives Matter!" Yes Blacks are overly oppressed, are incarcerated in disproportionate numbers, and are often or usually suspect if only because of the color of their skin but what about police officers who are shot in the line of duty, or any person regardless of skin color who is senselessly murdered?

The conflict with women getting all the attention for their protests with a focus on women's rights and the idea that the problem is one which only women can solve, and women's rights receiveing the majority of the attention, bothered me.

Some (not all) men have created the situation in which change needs to be made. Many have acted immaturely, inappropriately, abusively, and even criminally with their deeds going unpunished; not only against women but in greedy self-serving ways of all kinds. And they have gotten away without notice, attention, recompense, arrest, and/or imprisonment.

Yes this must stop, but only women can solve the problems because men have failed? This bothers me. I began to feel excluded from being part of the solution, and that the current attitude was that only women can solve the problem. Maybe? I but have never been an all or none, black vs white but rather a gray kind of person. Time will tell.

Maybe we are moving away from patriarcy back towards matriarchy. Maybe men have been "in charge" unquestioned and unaccountable for too long and generally not done a good job.

While I am not a history buff, there are accounts of how during earlier times, women were in charge of life, family, and "government" and slowly pushed out by men, the church, etc and eventually relegated to a low place, not through any of their own doing, but through jealousy and fear over their power.

Maybe the pendulum needs to swing back towards total matriachry before it can swing with less force between equality?

After having a conversation while in San Pancho with Gretchen; former nun, activist, mother, teacher, friend, among other roles; she suggested that maybe it is OK for me to feel marginalized so I can really feel what women have felt for so long! I think this is the seat of my discomfort with Women's Marches and I think Gretchen just might be right!

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