Friday, June 15, 2018

Grateful for My Condo

Building First Engineer in unit to change faucet cartridge on master bathroom tub. 

During beginning of work, water turn off behind faucet breaks. Steaming hot water pouring out. While engineer is holding towels over escaping water, Second Engineer arrives to close backup turnoff in wall in closet.

Since this hasn't been done in the ten years since the building opened, not able to close turn off valve in wall. Quick call to House-Keeping Department gets water to tier shut down. (I am on 5, tier shut down valve is on 6.) 

Meanwhile 3-4 inches of water fill bathroom, leaks across into my entry hall, escapes down walls into apartment below and condo hallway below. 

All water now off and clean up begins.

Housekeeping Department brings water vaccum to drain my bathroom. Management Office Staff arrives to assess problem. Management checks floor below. Minor damage in condo hallway, also my water leaking over into unit below's shower so no problem there. 

No other water damage. Meanwhile two from Housekeeping Department cleaning up minor water fall damage on three.

Another Housekeeping Departtment Staff member arrives at my unit with two industrial fans. First Engineer removes baseboard under sink and on toilet wall. Drills holes, begins fans for process of drying inside wall.

Second Engineer checkes back periodically to see if his help is needed. First Engineer fixes broken water turn off in tub, replaces cartridge, Second Engineer gets unit wall turn off working after ten years idle. Both Engineers supervise opening tier turn off on six on, opening shut off in tub, turns on tub. All working, no more leaks. All done with people communicating from various points on their cell phones.

Bathroom now has dry floor. Fans running until tomorow. Happily ever after.

Good luck is that my own housekeeper was here and she helped me with cleaning up towels used to hold back flood, water tracked into my entrance hall and bedroom, replaced soaked kitty litter, cleaned kitty litter mats, wiped down shelf and stool next to toilet, got rid of soaking kleenex and toilet paper, wiped down walls in bathroom from spashing and stem, and all items are on balcony drying.

As an aside, the two cats were hiding out on the chairs on the bak side of my desk in the living room. They were having no part of the "sturm and dram."

In this hour, a tighly coordinated team of seven people (including me and my housekeeper helping out where we could) solved the problem, cleaned up the mess, and avoided any major damage! Whew!!! I am grateful to all!!!

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