Saturday, June 23, 2018

Originally an E-Mail to My Wonderful Friend Barbara D

Live is good. Continuing to “organize” the condo bit by bit. A little compulsive but “control those things you can control!” Found some doors and drawers on Craig’s list for cabinets in my closet which are no longer made. Had a road trip to pick them up in West Bend, Wisconsin. Went with Ken, one of Gregory’s companions with whom I continue to friend and feel family towards. He finished his MA in Psychology and now had a therapist job in Chicago. We get together for dinner, movies, and other adventures every two to four weeks. His father died recently and I think my mentorship has served both the kid and me as well.

Am making a presentation to the 34th Annual Alzheimer’s Disease Association International at the end of July. They are out of UK, first started 34 years ago actually here in Chicago. Their annual meetings travel the world and they are back here. I submitted a proposal and was accepted to be one of their break out session presenters on “Living Well with Alzheimer’s.”

I will also get the chance to visit in person with new friends I have made on Facebook with Dementia/ Alzheimer’s interests. They will be coming here from Austrailia, New Zealand, England, Canada, and Nigeria. I’ll be staying at the Marriott Marquis, an elegant hotel attached to McCormick Place where the conference is being held. Instead of driving back and forth each day, I’ll be on site for the four days of the conference.

Will have an article in Teepa Snow’s PATIENT ALZHEIMER’S CARE free online journal which has a subscribership of 20,000 readers. I’ll post about it. Should appear around July 17. Will be interesting to see what kind of responses/reactions I’ll get. Teepa Snow, love that name, is a world wide caregiver consultant who not only is GREAT and one of the most compassionate people I know, but has build a large organization supporting caregivers around the world. The article will also have a link to my books of poetry and the documentary.

I produced a “one man show” called "ALZHEIMER’S: A Lost Story" for a local LGBTQ theater in town. Sold 30 tickets (first time I was the star of the show not a presenter.) It was well received by an engaged audience. 30 minute presentation followed by the documentary followed by Q&A followed by wine and cheese fellowship in the lobby.

Am planning a presentation in Evanston at the Evanston Art Center in their new home on Central Street with documentary and comments on “The making of a documentary” and “The importance of art for people with Dementia/Alzheimer’s followed by a panel discussion by people in the art field. Since the center is sponsoring it, they want a bent towards the arts and I can do that. During the Q&A issues of living well with Alzheimer’s are bound to come up. 

Finally after our annual July 4 immediate world party, a visit from my favorite niece, and a visit from a very good friend who moved recently to Portland,  I will be in NYC to see the 35th Year  Reunion Concert of “Pump Boys and Dinettes.” Gregory’s favorite college room mate who was one of the writers and performers in the musical when it had a successful run on Broaday. His son was instrumental in creating the documenary.

Since I’ll be in NYC I am going to see the revival of “Boys in the Band,” and “Dear Evan Hanson” and “The Band Visits” and the two part play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Stone.” The presentation for 34th ADI is a few days after I return from NYC.

Finally, a variation of the “Getting Older” essay I shared with you will be in the Chicago Area Gay newspaper Windy City Times as my fourth guest column.

Yes I am doing well and am keeping busy. How did I ever have time to work?

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