Saturday, September 15, 2018

Every now and then this song comes on
and I take the time to let myself cry and breath
and cry and breath.

Gregory and I first heard this piece when
we were in Tuscany for the first time in 1999.

How Can I Go On

When all the salt is taken from the sea,
I stand dethroned,
I'm naked and I bleed.
But when your finger no longer points the way,
Is anybody there to believe in me,
To hear my plea and take care of me?
How can I go on,
From day to day,
Who can make me strong in every way?
Where can I be safe,
Where can I belong,
In this great big world of sadness?
How can I forget
Those beautiful dreams that we shared.
They're lost and they're no where to be found.
How can I go on?
Sometimes I tremble in the dark.
I cannot see,
When people frighten me.
I try to hide myself so far from the crowd.
Is anybody there to comfort me?
Lord, take care of me.

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