Saturday, March 16, 2019

Unhappiness and Regrets

"We're not just here for ourselves. We are here for others. All we've got is each other. We have to help each other struggle through until we die. Then we are done. No point in making ourselves unhappy and making others unhappy too." (From "After Life" on Netflix written by and starring Ricky Gervais.)

Ann's comments: "Am I happy? Yes! I had the most wonderful life with Stan, and I have all those memories. That is all we really are anyway, memories. And Stan had a wonderful life too. He isn't in any pain and doesn't even know it's over. Hah. 

"I do. But I would rather live missing him than I would want him to live missing me. I love him that much. I wouldn't change anything. If I went back and changed one thing I didn't like, I might loose something that that bad thing eventually took me to. I didn't regret anything or think, well, if I went back, I might do this or I might do that."

This brief, six episode series on Netflix streaming carries most of life's lessons in less than three hours: love, loss, anger, unhappiness, depression, drug use, Alzheimer's, Cancer, and back to love!

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