Thursday, August 1, 2019

Breathing Room

When I am missing my Gregory and begin to feel overwhelmed at what we went through for twelve years and by my slowly settling grief for almost four years now, I just think to myself, "He got sick and he died." It is as simple as that. For some strange reason thinking this makes more sense than pondering the "why" and "how" of our journey and makes me feel better.

Also, when I think about my own mortality, it makes me feel a little better knowing that Gregory is already on the other side, possibly waiting to support me when my time comes. I do not imagine this in any way that my human mind can invent, so no walking again hand in hand, etc, but still it makes me feel a little better, a little safer, a little more protected.

Not sure where or why these thoughts arrived today but I thought I would give them some breathing room!


  1. Hello Michael,my name is Willian, and I'm from Brazil. Recently I found out about your documentary at Amazon and I've been reading your blog about our hero Gregory for months, I think I've already finished all of the posts, and I feel so close to both of u! What a love story, what a great blessed life you've had.

    I'm an actor, and I'm graduating from college in Performing Arts, for the last two years me and a group of friends have been studying the alzheimer's disease and how it affects people, their daily life, their loved ones and their expectations We have a play that we call "A poetry about forgetting", and it's all about hope, positivity, relationships, dealing, and the progress and process of letting it go. And man, you've been such an inspiration to me, I read a lot of your writtings, and it helped me and my group in the process of text creation and choreography. We visited a number of nursing homes, hospitals, medical professionals, read a lot of books and watch a bunch of movies, but I personally, as a romantic gay man, felt a huge connection with Gregory. So much that in homage that's the name of my character.

    By that, I just wanted to say thank you! You have no idea of how much you've changed my life, the way I see my life, my vision at performing arts, and my relationship goals. Everyone deserves a Michael Horvich and a love story like yours! There's no day but today.

    I wish you the best, be happy!

    1. Dear Willian,
      Your words touched my heart and I am typing this through tears. Obviously one does not do what one does for an ill loved one for the thanks and/or accolades but it does feel good once and a while to hear that, expecially from someone you do now know. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Keep in touch!


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