Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Sequoias Star Trees of Willamette Univeristy, Salem, Oregon

In Salem, OR (not the place they burned witches!) Pat and I visited Willamette University.

Presented by the class of 1942 to Willamette University on its 100th anniversary, these five giant Sequoias include the tallest of its kind on any college or university campus in the country.

Founded by Jason Lee in 1842, Willamette University is recognized as the oldest university in the west.

Sitting under these trees; in the center of the greenery and ground peppered with Sequoia bark, cones, and leaves; one feels something special, magical, spiritual. Looking up through the trees to the sky is calming, meditative, and beautiful!

This is a panorama shot which makes the trees look like they are lined up in a row when in actuality they are in a circular pattern creating a star of trees.

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