Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Noisy Quiet and Chaotic Stillness


COVID 19 has brought so many changes on us so quietly and so quickly
People around the world are infected,  either getting better or dying
The harbingers of this change are invisible to the eye and all senses
So we can only imagine what the black-hooded creature looks like.

Restaurants, museums, stores, schools, churches, libraries all close
Events, conferences, music venues, plays, celebrations all turn off lights
Directly or indirectly; salaries, benefits, basic necessities are lost by many
Those who have been suffering before are suffering even more now.

Outside and in, the quiet seems to feel so much more quiet than before
The stillness seems more still than usual and cities and streets are empty
The noise around us is so quiet that it deafens us in the hearing of its roar
And the stillness so great that it frightens each of us to look at its approach.

We have come to expect that things will always be and stay the same.
We expect that nothing will change or be rearranged in our lives
But in one day, all is different and unrecognizable and incomprehensible
And change is upon us, want it, like it, or not - we never expected this.

Buddhists studies say that we should accept all around us is impermanent
Knowing that every day everything around, in front and behind us changes
Even if imperceptible to the eye or ear or nose or taste or sense of feeling
Even if changes go unwanted or unnoticed, celebrated or lamented.

From the time you woke up early very early this morning on a Monday
Everything about your physical being is no longer the same later on a Tuesday
Cells have died off, sluffed off, been rearranged or renewed by Wednesday
Organs do their job pumping, breathing, breaking down components on Thursday.

What might be the same, you think, is your attitude and your belief system
You might think the same thoughts you have always had about things and life around
Your actions and reactions follow the same triggers that you have used before
But suddenly they may no longer apply, be true, be appropriate, or be necessary.

So in this time of great change for all of us in the world, young and old
If we can change with the times it could become easier to feel the air
As we vow to change our antiquated thoughts and actions and triggers
We build a new you to reflect who you have or will become with new attitudes.

Have faith in yourself to know that it is OK where you are at and that you will grow
Have faith in your fellow humans that we will survive this and come out the other side
We will experience change and seek out the good in change and become stronger
And the world will most likely be a better place for all, because it certainly needs to be.

The quiet seems more beautiful to hear, the stillness seems more beautiful to experience
The noise seems so quiet that we can hear the birds make their music, sing their songs
The fear so great it energizes one to step up to change and recognize the gift that we have
And we will continue to tell our stories of hope, and love, and compassion, and life.

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