Sunday, September 6, 2020

Going Within: Part 3―Solitude

Solitude: the state or situation of being alone.

This post started off to discuss how much I am enjoying my solitude, being alone in the condo, no oughts or shoulds, very few appointments, only thinking about and taking care of myself. But then ...

In my case, it doesn't seem like being alone. First, there are my two cats, Emma and Gigi. They not only need me to take good care of them but periodically they also let themselves be known. At least two times a day they participate in what I call, "Crazy Hour."

Usually, cats are very quiet. They can sneak up on you without you hearing them. Other times, during Crazy Hour, they make mad dashes back and forth across the living room, down the hall, into and out of the bedroom, and back again. They are so noisy that you cannot but pay attention to the racket. Sometimes while participating in Crazy Hour, they will vocalize the craziness while running.

Other times, when they are calm they will come up to me and meow. They will rub my legs while I prepare their food, they will stand up against my thigh while I am working at my desk. Sometimes while resting and/or sleeping on a chair, on the couch, or in bed they will squeak with pleasure or sigh.

Next, to keep me company, are my friends and family. We talk on the phone, chat over ZOOM, or Facetime. I catch up with people all around the country and all around the world. On Tuesday and Thursday, my personal trainer and I work out for an hour each day, on Wednesday I go to my massage therapist's studio for an hour massage, and on Friday my housekeeper is in the condo for three hours leaving it "spic and span!"

Watching TV or a movie or streaming a play or musical is another way that there are people in my life almost every day. If I need to go out for a doctor's appointment (there are a few more people) or shopping, the front desk people and I will briefly chat and sometimes I will drop into the management office where I will, mask in place, of course, spend some time visiting.

Finally, as you know from knowing me or having read Part 2 about my collecting, when I spend time playing with my collections you might say that is a way of socializing. Arrange, rearrange.

So the soundbite, which I have written bout before is that while I am enjoying the self-quarantining, limited social engagements, besides grocery shopping avoiding any venue that has many people, and avoiding restaurants; my heart is heavy for what so many others are going through because of COVID 19!

Fortunately, I am doing OK financially, have a comfortable place in which to shelter, am able to get food, and to eat well, am healthy. So many others are less fortunate and many have been even before the pandemic! I have been doing what I can with supporting Black Lives Matter and food pantries and voting rights but am so aware that while it does not make me a bad person I have earned my comfort.

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