Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In The Ragdale Attic

Yesterday evening, The Ragdale Foundation hosted an event in it main building, the 1896 summer home of Howard Van Doren Shaw, before it is closed for renovation. Approximately 150 people attended, an open bar was set up in the living room, appetizer stations were located throughout the house, and there was a silent auction. People were encouraged to visit the house from top to bottom with “Resident Artists” and Ragdale staff stationed in the major rooms talking about the history of the house, about the residency program at Ragdale, and the artists also presented some of their work.
I had the honor of participating in this event with my station being in the Attic. During my residency, which was in creative non-fiction writing, I also did a photo documentation of the attic before it was cleaned up and packed away in preparation for the renovation. Even with all the packing, there was a lot to be seen in the attic. Besides talking about my residency experiences I created a slide show of 100 photographs of the attic in its glorious splendor. The show was backed with music from “Peanuts” via piano music by Schroder; very appropriate attic, toys, cast off antiques, old clothing in trunks for dress-up, dusty artifacts and wonders type music. You can see photographs of the attic at my site.

The Ragdale Foundation

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