Sunday, July 25, 2010

Laura Freeman in "Lexicon of Love"

JULY 25 2010

A performance by Laura Freeman never fails to thrill, move, and entertain. Her "Lexicon of Love," a new show that looks at how dating and love change as we get older, is another hit.

She is a singing actor whose story telling abilities speak to each person in the audience through her voice, her eyes, her repartee, and her song selection. She covers a wide range of emotions and song styles with aplomb. We laughed, cried, and tapped our feet through the entire show.

"Meadowlark" was a show stopper, another was "Surprise Me," and the piece about her grandparents filled the house with the joy and sadness of love. Laura's new interpretations of old standards and presentation of newly written material were amazing and more than worthy of any world class Broadway musical.

Beckie Menzie's accompaniment embellishes, supports, and clarifies each song and adds to Laura's beautiful voice. This was the first time we were pleasantly surprised by Becky's lovely voice in a duet with Laura. 

Becky Menzie, in her own right as a Jazz Artist,  and vocalist Laura Freeman make an excellent team. If you get the chance, do NOT miss this show!

Michael Horvich
Cabaret Critic
Chicago Illinois

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