Friday, July 23, 2010


The other day my alarm clock stopped working so I have been in the market for a new one. Needs to be battery operated, large digital readout, easy to set, able to light up during the middle of the night, and good looking. Not too much to ask but so far I have been jilted at every turn. I will keep looking until I find just the right one.

The other day we were at a store called Brookstone, which if you don't know features all kinds of household appliances that you would never think you needed until you see one and realize you can't do without it.In your mind, picture massaging chairs, self-opening wine bottle openers, talking picture frames, and B-B-Q thermometers that light up for night grilling. 

I went into the store to see if they had a clock that met my needs. I saw a clock called "Moshi." Sounds like a Jewish clock but I didn't ask. It has a 3" x 5" digital time window that when addressed, answers in a female voice. Not sure if you can set it to male. I interviewed the clock, the drill goes something like this:

"Moshi, What time is it." And Moshi replies, "It is seven fifteen pee emm." She sounds almost real. 

"Moshi, What is the date?" "The date is July seventh, two thousand and ten."

"Moshi, Set the alarm for eight a.m." "The alarm is set for eight ayy emm."

"Moshi, What is the temperature?" "The temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit."

"Moshi, Turn on the night light." 

If you rock the 3x5 window, Moshi will alternate between time, alarm, date, day, temperature, each with a different color read out. You can set her to "shut up" or "talk louder." I got to thinking about what Moshi could say if she put her mind to it.

"Moshi, What time is it?" "It is just a few minutes later than when you last asked!"

"Moshi, What is the date?" "Why should I tell you when you didn't even remember my birthday?"

"Moshi, Set the alarm for 8 a.m." "Say please!"

"Moshi, Turn off the alarm." "If I do you will fall back to sleep, miss your meeting again, and blame me. No way!"

"Moshi, Turn on the clock light." "Get up and turn it on yourself!"

Needless to say, I passed on purchasing the clock and am still looking for the perfect one.

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