Tuesday, August 31, 2010


decolletage or décolletage

(day-kol-TAZH, -kol-uh-)

noun: A low neckline on a woman's dress.

From French décolletage (low-cut), past participle of décolleter (to expose the neck), from de- (away) + collet (collar), diminutive of col (neck). 

Every morning I get a new definition from wordsmith.org. It is a great way to build your vocabulary and also a way to insure that you do not embarrass yourself when speaking. "My doctor said I had a coronary trombonest." 

Sometimes a word arrives that sets my mind off in all directions. Today was just such a day with the word: decolletage. As you can tell from the above definition it deals with the female breast as exposed by a plunging neckline. My grandma wouldn't approve.

Here are some other possible definitions based on how the word looks.

decolletage - an art form that includes gluing various pieces of cloth to a dress in colorful, geometric patterns making sure to leave no white showing.

decolletage - to undo what one has learned at an institution of higher learning while studying haute couture.

decolletage - a viscous, usually amber colored liquid glue contained in a clear plastic bottle with a breast shaped application tip.

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