Friday, September 17, 2010


If you are following this blog you are invited to join in by adding your "FIVE FRIDAY FAVORITES" in the comment section. Hope to see you here.

Today we are looking at FIVE FAVORITE FLOWERS. Mine all have to do with how beautifully sweet they smell. In addition the Long Stem Red Rose is very romantic, celebratory, and instead of sweet has a peppery smell.

1) Gardenia
2) Lilac
3) Tuber Rose
4) Carnations
5) Long Stem Red Rose

If you are here reading this, why don't you add your five favorite flowers by adding a "COMMENT." Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. My five are:
    Peonies- because they are so short-lived, have an incredible perfume, and I love how the ants works so hard
    Sedum-because I dug them out of the backyard of an old house in Lincoln Park that was going to be demolished to build new Condos; Whenever I walk past them I think of the old lady who lived there and so carefully tended her garden
    Anise Hyssop- because their purple flowers attract bees and yellow finches
    Sunflowers- because ours are as tall as the garage and it feels as if I am walking in a jungle when I work my way through the herb garden
    Fuschia- because the flowers are so surreal

  2. Jan Yourist I Love You So! Always expect the unexpected is my new motto! You fit right in.


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