Sunday, October 31, 2010

Confused on the Internet

I am so confused. Trying to create a larger presence on an already large internet is disconcerting. So far I have: 1) a website with my partner Gregory, 2) a gallery, 3) a professional site, 4) a Michael's Museum site, 5) a writing BLOG, 6) an Alzheimer's BLOG, 7) a photography BLOG, and 8) a Michael's Museum BLOG. I will soon be linked to: 9) The Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier site, 10) am beginning to develop a Twitter visibility, 11) just opened a Twitpix account, 12) just remembered I have the Google Picasa picture site, and 13) want to do more on Linkedin. A baker's dozen. A good luck number. A lot of work. 

I wrote this BLOG after I tried to share a picture on my friend Jan's BLOG entry "Bookshelf Porn." First, I couldn't figure out how to do it. Then, I did it, but incorrectly. Next I figured it out. Finally, there is probably a better way to do so, but one of which I am still unaware. I am confused on the internet. 

So here is my answer. Here is my BLOG entry. Here is a picture of my contribution to Jan's BLOG "Bookshelf Porn." And here is a link to Jan's BLOG. (P.S. You can reach most of my active internet endeavors and those of my friends by clicking on the links to your right!)

Jan's BLOG: "Bookshelf Porn"


Bedroom Books. Note two art pieces (left-"Me at My Wedding" and right-"Broom Lady") by Jan.


  1. OY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. Jake, I know, I know. Life just keeps getting more complicated. As you so aptly put it, "OY."

  3. Sigh...the computer has joined the long line of yet one more labor-saving device. Ah, God help us all!


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