Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finding Fascination in the Quotidian

Quotidian. Ordinary, common place, every day. Robert Weissenstein, as quoted by George Will in Newsweek 11/15/10 P. 24, finds exhilaration in the fact that there will always be a next new thing, and that it will not be new for long. 

Three million iPods were sold in 2.5 years; 3 million Kindles were sold in two years; 3 million iPads were sold in 80 days; 3 million iPhones were sold in three weeks. Also amazing is that the cause and effect cycle of change has no end and very often we are not, or cannot be aware of the chain that change creates and how or when that chain circles us personally.

I have always heard people who were older than I was say, "The older you get the faster time seems to fly." At 65, I am now in the position of experiencing this for myself. It gets a little more important when one realizes that the years left to fly by are not as many as when you first started flying. 

After reading Will's article and Weissenstein's observations, I wonder now if the cause of this exponential speeding up of time is due to age or due to the speed with which living life increases. Although one would think that since you can get so much more done in such a short period of time,  the days would seem longer, would seem to slow down.

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