Friday, December 17, 2010

The Christmas Beard

One day several summers ago I was having my breakfast at the neighborhood greasy spoon. In the booth in front of mine there was a young family; father, mother, and their five or six year old son. After staring at me over the booth divider while standing on the seat, the boy sat down and whispered to his parents, in the uncontrolled loud way little kids usually do, "That man in the next booth looks like Santa. But it isn't him because his beard isn't long enough."

When I finished my breakfast, on my way out to pay the check, I paused at their booth. I smiled at the mom and dad and then I directed my comments to the little boy in my deepest, Santa Clause voice, "Thank you for recognizing me. I know my beard is a little short right now but by the time Christmas comes around, it will be quite long enough. Ho ho ho!"

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