Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yes Virginia There Really Is a Santa Clause

I have been receiving many comments on my new hairstyle. I have decided to let it grow longer than it has been for a while. When my hair is short it is straight and close to my head. When I let it grow it curls and has a big presence on my head. The fact that it is more white than black anymore makes it sparkle and stand out even more. When I receive compliments ("I really love it," they say.) I casually comment, "It's my Santa Claus look." Then, if there is time, I tell my "Christmas Beard" story.

Today as we were leaving the Condo Association Meeting and Winter Social, the building manager called me over to the sofa where she was sitting with two little old (85+?) ladies who live on the seventh floor. I had never met them before and she wanted to introduce me because they both had commented, "Look Santa is here." So yes, in some form or another Virginia, Santa Claus still lives on in the hearts of the old as well the young.

Be sure to read tomorrow's BLOG which will relate the young part of the story in: "The Christmas Beard."

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