Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Sage landed on my extended finger. I stroked his soft blue green feathers. He gently pecked my nose. I loved him and he loved me. 

Word count: 25. Motivated by a dream I had last night.

SAGE: 1) North American plant with silvery-gray leaves, 2) fresh or dried spice used in cooking, 3) an aromatic plant that is burned by some American Indian people for its cleansing properties and as an incense, 4) a profoundly wise man, esp. one who features in ancient history or legend, 5) having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom.

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French saugefrom Latin salvia ‘healing plant,’ from salvus ‘safe.’

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  1. Michael,

    I'm glad I found your blog ~ it's nice to see all of your hint fiction stories. (My story, "Playing with Matches" appears in the HINR FICTION antho). It's a fabulous writing exercise. It's a fun challenge. Keep up the good work!


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