Friday, February 25, 2011

Ragdale Revisited: Day One

Bed will do but not as comfortable as I would like. Slept in until 8:00 and then again until 9:00 to nurture my cold. Toast and jam for breakfast. No coffee. So strange being alone by myself. Get periodic “glances” of Gregory and what he might be doing but then I push them away. I am sure he is fine. Wanted to call and check in but decided that it would probably be better for him if I didn’t call, and maybe it would be better for me. Progress chicken noodle for lunch. Had nice conversation with Mary, here on her fourth residency. Visual artist in photography. Teaches at Colombia.  Finding tea a comfort. Decided to write for a while before heading back to bed. Or maybe a walk.

Wrote for approximately 3 hours during the day. Found some boards to make my bed firmer. Went back down to have a snack and another cup of tea. Revised, proofed, and printed my “Bok Introduction” and put it into the binder. A First! “Michael’s Museum of the Mind.”

Now going for a walk. And a lie down. Dinner was wonderful again. Corned beef, cabbage & caraway seed salad, fingerling potatoes, Irish soda bread (home made.) Discussions with Bruce who is here as a composer. He spent the day at the opera with Tosca. We discussed opera, the Met vs Lyric’s Tosca, and more. More in common with Mary. Sat next to her at dinner and chattered away. About Ragdale, her photographic work of empty spaces specifically abandoned hospitals (she is also a nurse and studied in England and here.) He daughter is involved in opera so we had that in common.

Maybe editing one more story and then bed. Good night.

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