Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ragdale Revisited: Day Two

Feeling better each day. Slept well on newly bed boarded bed. Over first cup of coffee read through introductions to Magnificent Obsessions by Mitch Tuchman and American Junk by Mary Randolph Carter. Becoming aware of the direction of my work really being collections. Besides a collector of “things” I am a collector of “life:” of stories, of experiences, of interactions, of people. Last night as I was dozing off I realized that I am happy. Through the beginning of Gregory and my ordeal I felt quite sad. I am sure the sadness will be revisited now and then, but I am still capable of happy and that feels good.

Visited with Linda, Ragdale Chef, while I was making my own breakfast. Enjoyable person, nurturing, passionate about food. Out of leftovers I made a potato and corned beef omelet in the microwave, toasted a piece of Irish soda bread, prepared a tray to take to my “studio” with extra coffee, milk, juice, a glass of water, and my meal. 

There have been times that I have dreaded (maybe not so strong) working on my writing. Or maybe too busy. But it seems like I am no longer afraid of writing and look forward to accomplishing some pre-set goals each day. How resounding of me considering this is only my second full day at this.

Have been working since 11:00 and it is now 1:30. 2.5 hours of writing.

Noticed the color combination of my mug, pitcher, and orange juice so stopped to do some photography. Now will spend some time looking for black and white “shadow” images to reflect the sections of the book.

Headed to downtown Lake Forest for a walk. Maybe a movie tonight. No dinner on Saturdays.

Stopped by the kitchen and invited Mary to join me on my visit to Downtown Lake Forest. We had a nice time together. Kindred spirits developing. Enjoyed walking around Market Square and visiting the stationary shop, the toy store, the bakery and William Sonoma. Just walked around for a while feeling good got be out in the chill, foggy, misting day.

Spent some time searching the internet looking for icons to use to identify the sections of my manuscript. This is going to be harder than I thought. Will have to do some more thinking about what those classifications will be and how to illustrate them.

Have had several good discussions in the kitchen around the event of “getting snacks.” Anita and Kat, interesting. Nancy very effervescent. Michelle quiet and somewhat reserved but definitely a DYKE, big time, unacknowledged. Had a very nice conversation with Molly who referred to her girlfriend and their relationship. They have been together for three years. Molly is a very talented writer who has done a lot, seen a lot, traveled alot. Seems fairly young to have accomplished so much with such confidence.

Watched several episodes of “The Office” and found the TV series delightful. For dinner had Chicken Ceasar salad leftover from this afternoon’s board meeting, and a plate loaded with fruit. Spent another hour writing.

Tomorrow will be a big work day with completing my Daily Writings from 2008 of which there are 28 selections with 20 already written ready for editing and proofing and eight to be written for the first time based on notes. I also want to spend some time with the “Bloomsbury” book from the Block Museum exhibit.

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