Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ragdale Revisited: Day Five

Had been thinking that I would like to get to know Bruce better but his studio is out a little so we only cross paths at dinner when there are so many people around. Sure enough this morning I am up in the cupola taking some pictures and I see Bruce heading from his studio towards the Barn. I called out and invited him to come see the cupola (which he had expressed an interest in.) We ended up visiting for half an hour and have many things in common. Discussed visits to Spain. His directing the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington D.C., knowing Richard Garrin, some of the music he has composed, his partner of 23 years Jason who is also his lyrics partner.

Susan, Director of Ragdale, stopped at breakfast and told me, "Oh, I just realized that you are Linda Stevenson's Michael!" We chatted.

Had acupuncture this afternoon and a massage from Bonnie who has her studio in Evanston and comes to Ragdale every week to be available for the residents.

For lunch: Meatloaf sandwich and green bean provincial.

For dinner: Shrimp Scampi on pasta, peas & pearl onions, Nutmeg cookies for dessert. Again lots of conversation. Each night people sit in different places so one can get to chat with everyone over time.

Worked til bedtime. Wrote a poem for Linda Williams our Chef. Organized pictures. Working on my BOOK!

Got to bed late and seems to take forever to get to bed. The energy here is so strong, I think it interferes with our sleep. A number of residents have mentioned difficulties in sleeping. 

One can definitely feel the energy in the walls, the floors, the desks, the rooms from all of the previous artistic residents. Besides all of the energy from previous artists at Ragdale over the last 30 years, and while there are many spirits still working around the Barn House, you can really feel activity of the departed at the Shaw House. When you walk into the front hallway, into the living room the dining room the kitchen ... you almost expect Howard and his family to greet you. You can almost tune in our their conversations if you listen closely enough.

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