Monday, February 28, 2011

Ragdale Revisited: Day Four

Wouldn’t it be nice if one didn’t have to sleep. My mind just kept thinking and thinking last night and I was still awake by 1:30. But it was productive lack of sleep. More of the same today, revisiting my stories, printing, organizing.

Feeling better each day but still taking my Mussinex DM.

Going to run into town later to pick up a book (fiction) by one of the artists here with me. Read the first chapter and it promises to be a winner and I want to get her autograph. Also will pick up a “thank you gift” for Bonnie & Mark for their support.

Wine and cheese party tonight with residents, staff, and board members.

Had a nice long chat with Leslie, Linda Stevenson's daughter, who is Director of Education and Development. I really like here.

Studying The Museum at Purgatory by Nick Bantic for continued ideas for my book. Turns out having read the book previously has guided me more than I had realized. 

Revisiting the quotations I have been saving from my various reading since before 1995 are still quite meaningful for me.

Last night had the realization that perhaps what I am experiencing her at Ragdale is somewhat like what it might feel like when someone goes to an “old people’s home.” I have very few possessions; all my needs are being provided for including food, cleaning, safety etc; the scope of my life is somewhat limited but my days pass well; nice people with which to interact; a room of my own; peace and quiet. 

I suggested to Leslie during our chat that the next expansion of Ragdale should be an assisted living facility for artists. You could apply for an “end of life residency.”

Lunch: leftovers. Port roast sandwich on an Arnold’s Bun, cottage cheese with apple sauce, Tuscan cucumber and tomato and onion salad. Yummy

Wine and cheese nice. Went around the room and got to talk about myself again. People actually listened and enjoyed what I had to say. Met Amy, who is the business partner of Jackie Dann's daughter. She was delighted to meet me. Your ears were probably burning because I always talk about you and the Alzheimer's and that it is a GIFT and a trouble to our wonderful life! In many mays the big "A" is what has motivated me to be sitting here now!

Dinner: Meatloaf with tomato sauce topping, spring lettuce/tomato, cucumber/ avocado salad, a variation of Green Beans Provincial with sliced fingerling potatoes, crescent rolls, fresh strawberries and home made chocolate truffles.

Since I am living in the "Playroom" I have bought myself some toys at the wonderful toy store in Market Square. 

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