Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Double Header

Nightmare: Part One
I was teaching again
The details are unimportant
Three students decided against me
For no reason of my own
Other than asking them to be true to themselves
I was true to myself and to them
But to no avail
My every action twisted and turned
The principal took their side
The parents took their side
I didn't need to be here so I left
As did two other teachers 

Nightmare: Part Two
The Place:  A dungeon

The Time:  Spanish Inquisition?
The Role:  A Priest

The Costume:  A heavy hemmed to the floor red robe with hood
The Duty:  Monitor the torturing of a miscreant

The Torture:  Slowly being roasted to death in front of an open oven

The Experience: Sitting quietly as a witness, praying for the man's soul, intolerably hot, unable to breath myself, yet not forsaking my post

The Realization: I am also that miscreant, being covertly tortured by the church and slowly dying myself.

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