Friday, June 24, 2011

A great new children's book has been getting a lot of attention recently, "Go the F**k to Sleep" by Adam Mansbach. 

A friend said on her facebook, "OMG I've just quoted Adam Mansbach!"

Speaking of being jealous of Mansbach's success, I've been working on my GYROSCOPE again. Trying to get permissions to use the countless number of quotations I've used. Turns out citing them is not enough when you are using them for commercial purposes (as I am when my book is published.) 

Drudgery trying to find the author, composing letters, sharing excerpts from your work where their quote is used, sending snail mail and/or e-mail with request. Some people have been prompt, friendly, and allowed used.

The bigger the author the further they are tucked away so you have to go through the publisher or agent after detailed search to get to them in the first place. Forms must be filled out and six to eight week waits expected. Several, like Random House and Simon & Schuster, want to know who your publisher is, when the book will be out, how many pages, cost of book, geographic circulation area, etc. In other words assuming you are already published.

I sent an e-mail saying I felt like this was a misconnect since I wanted permission to use the quote in my manuscript which I was hoping to get published. If I couldn't get permission I wouldn't use it and they are saying they can't give permission until it is published. The reply was just as circular.

I have going here what I call the 49/51% controlling interest phenomenon. 49% of me wants to say "Give Up" it's not worth the effort and you'll probably fail. 51% says "Keep Going" it's worth the effort and you might succeed.

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