Friday, August 5, 2011

It's The Little Things

My day today started out with the usual cup of coffee, piece of toast, and interacting with my computer. I left the condo at approximately 11:20 to walk to my therapist appointment which is just 10 minutes away. The morning ended at about 1:30 as I was sitting in the Chandler's Building Plaza across from the condo having a Jumba Juice and listening to a street performer singing and playing his amplified guitar.

As I was sitting with my drink, I thought of all the little things that had occurred thus far in my day that if noticed were joyful, magical, and/or felt good. I decided to write this blog based on that thought and perhaps compile an ongoing list in future blogs.

It's The Little Things That Matter

1. An interaction with the Starbucks barista on "running late."

2. Interesting session with my therapist. Laughter. Political discussion. World weariness. Feeling even. Planning our trip to Mexico.

3. Noticing the beautiful, creative windows in a dress shop.

4. Getting my hair cut.

5. Getting a manicure that ended with a shoulder massage.

6. Interacting with the Jumba Juice employee.

7. Enjoying my Jumba Juice while listening to a street performer.

8. Visiting briefly with Gregory as he passed me on the way to a walk.

9. Discussing the street construction with an Evanston Public Works employee to find out that they were abandoning a leaking gas line and re-routing the gas to a newer line.

10. Thanking the front desk person at my condo as I picked up a package.

11. Walking into my air conditioned condo after being out in the sun and hot weather.

12. Being greeted by my kitty (actually 15+ years old.)

That's all one has to do is stop to notice the little good things that occur so frequently and the difficult things will seem small.


  1. Little things matter because you make them matter. And taking notice is essential to reviewing, reflecting, and/or recording your morning's progression. "Little things" don't just happen to you, you make many of these things to happen: you have a relationship with a therapist, you make an appointment to have your hair cut, you decide it is time for a manicure. You respect and honor yourself by imbuing life around you with meaning, and feeling, and take pleasure in its details.

  2. I will add having dinner at Cozy with friends....


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