Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Impact on Others

This post was motivated by my friend Jan's post at this link: Jan's Blog: Nexus

The other day I was driving down Davis Street in Evanston. At approximately the same point in the block but on opposite sides of the street, one man was very slowly pulling into a parking space while another was about to pull out. To complicate matters there was a car that was double parked just a little ahead. I gave what I considered a good natured, gentle beep to warn the pulling out guy not to pull into me. The pulling in guy, whose window happened to be open on the street side, began haranguing me with how impatient I was and that I shouldn't be driving if I was in such a hurry. Obviously he took the "beep" personally even though it wasn't meant for him. I was, as Jan was, amazed at the impact I inadvertently had on him.

Moral: Stay Home ... or ... Expect the Unexpected ... or ... Don't Take Things Personally ... or Be Kind to Others?

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  1. Michael, I was just thinking today about the little things that give me pleasure Thank you for today's blog. Joan


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