Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am writing this about GOD, with ironic or flippant intent, may he/she not strike me down.

If you have read some of my previous work, you will know that while I consider myself a spiritual person, I do not consider myself a religious person and am not so sure I believe in a God. I have read, studied, discussed and continue my "search for God." The first breakthrough was when I realized  that there could be a "spiritual god", up until then only thinking in terms of a "religious god." But that is a different story.

Last week, a number of God related items cropped up AUTOMATICALLY and I ammusedly thought, "Wow, that must mean that there is a God." Here comes the tongue in cheek part.


How come when you come across something amazing, you utter, "Oh my God!"

A popular internet response is often, "OMG!"

When you hurt yourself you scream, "God, that hurts!"

When you get angry you vent, "God damn it!"

When you see something troubling you worry, "Dear God!"

When you think of something that you hope will never happen you set up, "God forbid."

When someone sneezes you offer, "God bless you."

When you are worried or facing an extreme difficulty you pray, "God help me!"

All these utterances seem to come automatically and naturally, whether you believe in God or not.

As my therapist likes to say, "Whether you believe in God or not, God believes in you."

Often I will find some writing that speaks to me but tends towards the religious thereby turning me off. Unity's Daily Word, while using the concepts of Christ and God, as a positive based religion seems to come closest to sitting well with me. What I like to do is cross out the religious overtones, sometimes add a word or two, and see if the writing still makes sense. Here is an example:

Today's Daily Word
Tuesday, July 26, 2011
I respond to life's circumstances according to my faith in myself.

Every circumstance is temporary. If I am struggling, I respond to the challenge according to my faith in myself. I turn within for direction and gently release thoughts of lack, limitation or unworthiness. Gratefully I acknowledge that in every moment I am divinely supported by friends, family, and my knowledge of right and wrong.
I am a powerful co-creator. In prayer meditation, I connect with the Christ within, knowing that I am being guided toward can reach my highest expression. I have faith that on this journey of becoming the best me I can be, all things are possible. I listen to the wisdom within and know that according to my faith in myself, I make choices that are right for me. I have faith that all is well as I live, move and have my being enfolded in God's goodness knowing right and wrong.
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.--Hebrews 11:1


  1. I admire and respect the power of your spiritual depth and ability to transcend challenges...You are truly a model for me...

  2. This is really wonderful. Reading your blogs, I am tickled by the little clevernesses and enjoy thinking about your astute observations. Thanks for writing!


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