Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Continued Search for God: All Things Desire

If you have read some of my previous work, you will know that while I consider myself a spiritual person, I do not consider myself a religious person and am not so sure I believe in a God. I have read, studied, discussed and continue my "search for God." The first breakthrough was when I realized  that there could be a "spiritual god", up until then only thinking in terms of a "religious god." But that is a different story. Meanwhile I would like to share a number of "Love Poems from God" edited by Daniel Ladinsky 2002.Only a few of the poems spoke to me and I continue to contemplate them and document them here for you as well as for my future study.

St. Thomas Aquinas. (1225-1274) He is widely regarded as the greatest Catholic theologian.


All things desire to be like God,
and infinite space is a mirror
that tries
to reflect His

But it can't
All that infinite existence can show us of Him
is only an atom of God's

God stood behind Himself one night and cast a
brilliant shadow from which creation 

Even this shadow is such a flame that
moths consume their selves in it every second -
with their sacred passion to possess

Existence mirror God the best it can,
though how arrogant for any image in that mirror,
for any human being, to
think they know
His will.

For His will has never been spoken.
His voice would ignite
the earth's wings

and all upon

We invent truths about God to protect ourselves
from the wolf's cries wee hear
and make.

All things desire to be like God,
all things desire to

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