Sunday, November 27, 2011


Tonight I had my Christmas cry. I didn't expect it, although it arrives every year as we are unpacking our Christmas decorations. We were having dinner, Christmas music was playing in the background, some of the decorations were in place, and up crept the tears. It is an overwhelming type of cry, a world weary sad cry as week as a life is wonderful joyful cry. It is a cry that misses my dead parents, in-laws, friends, pets. It is a cry that mourns my youth and probably is a cry of fear of the future. I work hard at not letting it overwhelm but I acknowledge it and give it some reign. Now I can move on to enjoy our holiday, our families, our friends, each other. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi now u know who sent this. I found I felt very sad reading your comment about what made u cry. I feel the same too often. Not sure how I can turn off the sad feelings. I still enjoy eating out, going to the movies, knitting or crocheting, reading (especially) being with my kids and their kids. All this makes me very happy, but I also feel quite sad too often. Oh well, such is life. I just have to get thru and get to what I enjoy.


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