Sunday, November 13, 2011

From Urban Times: Spiritual Without Religion?

Can You Be Spiritual Without Religion?

Can one be spiritual without being religious? When you sit back today, in November 2011, and reflect on the fabulous attempts made by humanityas a whole are you really surprised by what we see in front of us?
Do you sense a period or a prolonged moment of crisis with the spirit of humanity in general? How about the fundamentalists that have scarred and manipulated the peaceful essence of monolithic religions which has turned so many of us to question their purpose in our daily and spiritual lives?
A famous French philosopher, by the name of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin  who was also part of the Jesuits was controversial and questioned the static dogmatic notions and centuries of truths of organized religion to try and uncover the real meaning within his own faith. One of his conclusions after much soul searching, traveling and reflection equated to “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”.
Did you ever wonder why you weren’t able to question the card you were dealt in terms of religion, the scriptures and the ‘word’ that accompany them .How come any other facet of our lives we are granted free reign to peel apart the layers until its totally exposed from all sides, giving us the opportunity to come up with our own conclusions. Can someone provide us with a true explanation? If you don’t prescribe or practice a certain religion you are frowned upon or seen in certain quarters of society as the cliché goes a “non-believer”, which often seems ironic since a portion of the accusers have no ground to stand on when it comes to traditional values or morals. 

Baruch de Spinoza (bn. 1632 – d.1677). Source: Wikipedia.
Life is full of different elements and often is a paradox, none of which more prevalent than the notion of spirituality, which is seen as not accessible without religion. A Dutch/Jewish philosopher, Baruch Spinoza; who renounced his allegiance to his Jewish ancestors and pursued to understand the notion of spiritual enlightenment amongst other complex areas of existence was once quoted as saying; the only law is “Justice and Charity”, the only wisdom is “love” and the only virtue is “do good and live in joy”.
Isn’t being a good decent human soul in essence what being spiritual is about? Do we not all carry a sense of morality, ethics and values that guide and teach us to maneuver our way through life upon the right path unique to our personal journey? Are we not all peaceful loving beings at the core of our existence, who sense a feeling of compassion when you see a fellow passion suffering irrespective of color creed, religion.
You don’t have all the answers yet can you not see after thousands of centuries of human existence that we are evolved to a certain extent to universally agree what it means to have a purposeful, caring and compassionate spirit within us.
Whether you are religious or not doesn’t determine if you are genuine spirits or not , maybe what really matter is our pursuit of the greater good within our souls for the better of humanity and the environment as a whole….
After all what you do know is that leading a life of compassion, love and charity to one another allows your soul to gravitate beyond petty egotistic arguments regarding your “faith” of choice, or whether you conform or not to a particular belief system tangled within a religious or cultural society you were raised within.


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