Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Vocabulary

(Gigi on bottom, Emma on top)

As you know, two new kitties have joined Gregory and my life. They really are gifts of love, and purr, and mischief, and more love. As they have gotten used to living with us, we have gotten used to living with them, a new vocabulary has begun to develop:

"Watch out for those land mines."

Meaning, don't trip on all the cat toys strewn around every part of the condo.

"What crazy women."

Meaning, they talk in very loud voices. Our previous pets only used that level of talking when they were in pain or unhappy. We have had to readjust our thinking and as a prompt to do so, it was just easier to label them as "Crazy" when they were behaving like that.

"Freedom girls, FREEDOM."

Meaning, I am walking towards the guest bathroom, where you are being held captive while we were gone, and I want you to know I am about to release you, so you don't start screaming when you hear us come in, and then think that I'll let you out every time you scream, and being an intermittent behavior you will inadvertently sustain more screaming for longer while I keep you locked up.

"TREATS, TREATS, TREATS," said in a high falsetto voice while shaking the kitty treat jar.

Meaning, I am going to give you some treats, knowing that you will follow me into the bathroom even though you know you'll be locked up - or - that you'll come out of the closet even though you know I'll close the door behind you.


Meaning it is time for your moist food feeding. Our previous cat, Mariah, only liked chicken and snubbed her nose at turkey, fish, or ham. So to get her to come to eat, may she rest in peace, I announced "Chicken!"

"Loving, nurturing noises."

I realized when I am holding a kitty in my arms, and she is purring, and I am rubbing my nose in her face or belly (known as schnuggling in Yiddish,) I MAKE THE SAME SOUNDS MY MOTHER USED TO MAKE WHEN SHE WAS SCHNUGGLING ME!

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