Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year's Eve

For New Year's eve, over the last thirty or more years, Gregory and I have entertained the Gay Family, a group of 11 or so friends. People arrived early on the 31st for snacks, scrabble, cards, talk. Then Gregory would provide a full sit down dinner featuring something like Coq-au-vin ala Julia Child. Then more games etc. Cookies and tea. Lots of wine.

Most of the guys would sleep over, the few who lived close would come back on the 1st. Early risers and arrivers on the 1st would be greeted with home made coffee cake, lox and bagels, fruit, OJ, fresh coffee. Games/talk etc would continue. At 2:00 a sit down brunch was prepared with Fritatta, bacon, chilled asparagus salad, etc. More games/talk. Finally by 4:00 people would begin to leave.

Slowly, as the group grew older, or moved further away, or got bored we did less and less. Now we are down to arrival on the 31st at 7:00 with wine and appetizers, walk over to Pine Yard for Chinese at 8:00, back to the condo for cookies, tea, and port. By 11:00 Gregory and I have cleaned up and everyone is gone.

Funny how life changes, develops, degenerates?


  1. Readjusts, reconfigures, resolves...

  2. Thanks Jan. Your's sounds like a better ending.


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