Friday, May 30, 2014

Condo Colors Revealed

After seven years in the condo, time to repaint. Main color for walls is the ubiquitous Antique White. Then I played with architectural structures and used color to call out geometric shapes. Main room and hallway creates a Slate Gray cube. Back bedroom wall, stops short of the ceiling, creating aTucker Gray rectangle. Master bathroom medicine chest wall and tub enclosure creates Dragon's Blood rectangles. Kitchen Island free standing wall creates Sea Green vertical rectangle and horizontal rectangle. Guest bathroom linen closet creates a Colonial Blue cube, and finally Guest/TV room entry and wall creates a Dragons' Blood box.


  1. The colors are wonderful and I am mesmerized by all the lights. Why was I surprised at the number of green plants and the collection of green ceramic ware in the Claus Dalby manner?

    1. I learned about "color" from Gregory and this was the first time I applied my knowledge by myself. He also said the secret to an intimate space is many sources of lighting. Finally I have been collecting the "Green Wear" for over 25 years. Started with one from a garage sale at $.50 cents. Later, over one hundred pieces (not just for show but also used) with the most expensive one $250.00. The problem with collecting is that one time you learn about the objects, know what the market and availability look like, and then come across a piece you fall in love with, have never seen the likes of, and spend big money on it :-) I love the plants and feel that even in a city like Evanston, in a high rise condo, they make you feel a connection with the earth! Hope your New Year's Eve was a good one.


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