Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Great Gift of Love

My (our) friends Jan and Jake were over to dinner last night. It was my gift to Jan, as she enters her last week of teaching before summer vacation, of not having to cook Shabbas dinner. It was also a gift to Jake because he could have a good meal without having to hear Jan kvetch about how tired she is (she doesn't really ever kvetch, much.) Having taught myself, I know how the last few weeks of school is like being packed inside a snowball rolling down the mountain, gathering speed until you finally hit the lake.

Part of their excitement of coming to the condo was to see the new paint job. They decided that since it was kind of like a "new beginning" for me, a fresh start, a clean palate so to speak - they would bring me a house warming gift.

In their own creative way, they re-interpreted the traditional Jewish tradition of bringing salt (this should be your only tears,) bread (my you always prosper,) honey (my your time in your new home be sweet,) and wine (may your life be filled with blessings.)

Here is what their gift, given with love, looked like:

Given with HEART: Salt, Honey, Grain, Wine.

1 comment:

  1. Whaddya mean, kvetch?!! It was a wonderful shabbas at the start of a new beginning. We love you!


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