Friday, June 6, 2014

My Buddhist Blessing Shrine

This is my Buddhist Blessing Shrine by the front door of my condo.

On going out and coming home to the condo, I strike the Tibetan Monk temple cymbols three times, strike each singing bowl once, strike the Japaneese chime, and spin the Tibetan prayer wheel.

This sends my unspoken intentions out into the universe (who knows better what I need than I do.)

Emotionally, the three pieces of rose quartz are used to balance emotions and bring peace and calm and healing. (I find magic in collections of three.)

The four elements AIR (incense,) WATER, EARTH (orange,) and FIRE (candle,) are represented and a fifth element, symbolized by the jade Buddah, represents that which is beyond the material world.

The box holds my fears, worries, and sorrows, which I know will find peace in their own time. 

The two earthen jugs were made by my God Son Isaac while he was living in Japan for a year. One contains a green plant representing life and the closed one contains generic household dust representing death.

On leaving I select a Motivational Coin and an Angel Card to help guide my day.

1 comment:

  1. This is totally inspiring! It makes intention an experience of the exit from your personal space and into the world. Wonderful.


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