Sunday, November 2, 2014

Don't Take This As An Insult

Tonight I had dinner at Max's in Northbrook. You'll see extra lean brisket, cole slaw, fries, au jus, pickles, diet coke, and rolls.

The waiter was excellent but besides his service, he was cute, slim, young, short dark hair, pretty smile. Just my type.

The most amazing part was that the entire time I was telling him what  I wanted to order, he never once broke eye contact with me.

While he was writing my order on his pad, he never once broke eye contact.

I was very impressed and honestly, a little un-nerved!

He checked back several times to make sure I had everything I needed and that I was enjoying my meal.

As he was approaching my table with the check I weighed if I should tell him what I was thinking. One of the perks of old age is that you can get away with quite a bit. So I spoke my mind.

When he dropped the check I said to him, "Please don't be insulted but if I were 50 years younger I would have asked you out for a drink after work."

He replied with a smile and that intense eye contact, "And I probably would have accepted."

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