Thursday, July 30, 2015

Puff Ball Prey

Yeeow Yeeow Yeeow Yeeow
My cat screams and screams
From the far away living room
With a puff ball in her mouth.

How can one scream and yell
So loudly and persistantly
From anywhere in the house
With a puff ball in one's mouth?

Red and blue, soft and puffy
Her puff ball is her captured prey
Cornered and caught and held
Tightly and carefully in her mouth.

Yeeow Yeeow Yeeow Yeeow
She announces to one and all
I have cornered and caught
This puff ball in my mouth.

Aren't I good at what I do
Aren't I the agile one as well
See, I have cornered and caught
This red and blue puff ball prey.

See me, admire me, compliment me
As I scream and scream and scream
Yeeow Yeeow Yeeow Yeeow
See my puff ball prey in my mouth!

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