Friday, August 28, 2015

KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities - Cirque du Soleil

Over the years, Gregory and I have attended many of Cirque Du Soleil's shows in the big, yellow and blue, big top. It is a "circus" like no other circus you will ever go to. It is a cross between a traditional circus, performance art, a surreal experience, visiting otherworldly places, and a combination joyful/nightmarish dream. 

The music, costumes, lighting, visuals, acts of skill, background story, and clowning cannot be compared to real life, which makes the experience so wonderful. Most of their shows travel under the big top but a number are now permanently located in Las Vegas and New York.

A special experience Gregory and I took advantage of the last several times was called "Tapas Rouge." For an additional cost you get to participate in private parking AND a special experience in a special side tent (for 200 people vs 2,500 who will be attending the show under the big top.)

You get to enter the experience an hour early, pre-show, for all you can eat fine wines and delectable hor dourves, a private gift shop, private rest rooms, all in a beautiful environment specially lighted and decorated with Cirque music variously assaulting and soothing your senses.

You get the best seats in the house, coffee and French pastries at intermission, a photo in an unusual setting (sometimes with a performer,) a souvenir program, and a special gift. All these perks are well worth the price and make the experience even more amazing than the circus itself already it!

This year I will be going to see Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities with my friend Patricia. The subject of this show is of special interest to me of course based on my own private museum "Case of Curiosities" called Michael's Museum: A Curious Collection of Tiny Treasures, (Click to go to MM's site in a new window) which has been a permanent exhibit at Chicago Children's Museum (Click to go to CCM's site in a new window) on Navy Pier since May of 2012.

Additional wonders this year include showing up at the special tent 90 minutes before showtime for a 25 person back stage pre-show tour, all of the above, then an after show return to back stage to chat with performers and backstage workers. They encourage attendees to being a camera so you can look forward to some photographs of Pat's and my experience. 

I   A M   S O   E X C I T E D!

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