Saturday, August 29, 2015

KURIOS: A Cabinet of Curiosities - Cirque du Soleil

Yesterday I posted about an upcoming trip to KURIOS. See it here, opens in a new window,

These photographs are from my adventure at KURIOS: A Cabinet of Curiosity at Cirque du Soleil. First are the pre-show tour photos with Yanic, the show manager, followed by the VIP tent, photos from the show, and finishing with a back stage tour. 

The Big Top seats 2,500 people, the VIP experience accommodates 125 people, and the Cirque Tour usually sports 25 people but our tour consisted of five of us. Very intimate!

Next are the photos from the VIP tent which provided private parking, an open bar, appetizers, free program book, private gift shop, premium seats in the big-top, coffee and French pastries during intermission, and private bathrooms. The experience is open, at an additional cost, to 125 people. The big-top seats 2,500 people so this is a pretty exclusive experience.

This is the first time that Cirque is allowing non-flash photography during the show.

After the show, the adventure continued with a "chat" with two performers and a backstage tour with Yanic, the show manager.

All in all, this was an amazing, magical, once in a life time experience!


  1. Wow!!!!! How long will the show be here? I need to go!!!!

    What a fabulous experience for you and Pat and everyone else able to attend. Especially for you VIPs!

  2. Jan, KURIOS will be in Chicago until Sept 20 as far as I know.


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