Monday, October 12, 2015

Poetry as a Form of Meditation

DailyOM talks to me again! Maybe you'll hear it too?

October 12, 2015
Poetry as Meditation
Composing Bliss
Sculpting your thoughts into a poem
can take you on a journey
where your conscious mind is
momentarily cast adrift.

The creation of any kind of art can be as much a form of
meditation as a vehicle for self-expression. Energetically
splashing colors of paint onto a canvas can be like casting
the weight of the world off your shoulders, while raising
your voice to hit the high notes of a song can inspire you to
release your fears so you can reach new heights in your own
life. And then there is the act of meditation that can take place
when you create poetry. Sculpting your thoughts and emotions
into a poem can take you on a journey into your inner universe
where your conscious mind is momentarily cast adrift.

Like other forms of meditation, writing poetry requires that
you stay fully present during the process, rather than focusing
on any outcome. In doing so, you release any inhibitions or
ideas of “what needs to happen,” so that your thoughts can flow
freely through you. When you write poetry, you are able to see
the reflections of your innermost self imprinted on a page. 

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