Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Believe in Santa Claus

I usually receive what I call "Santa Sightings" fairly often during November and December. People, both young and older; approach, talk about, or point at ME with comments like, "There goes Santa!" or "Doesn't he look like Santa?" Once a group of college girls just screamed when they saw me driving by (not in costume!)

I previously wrote about one wonderful encounter with a young child in a restaurant. Click here to read about the encounter. Opens in a new window.

During the off months the Santa Sightings continue but far and few in-between.

Last year presented the first opportunity for me to BE Santa, in my fluffy red pants and jacket with white trim, black belt, black boots, and red hat with a white pom pom decorating the tip. I might add that I DID NOT need to add a pillow where Santa's jolly old tummy is supposed to be. Click here to read about my first "being" Santa.

So the motivation for this post is that I just received my third "Being Santa" request for the new year. The first is a return visit to Lieberman, the second is to help with Casa Norte's Christmas Gift Pickup at their office on North Avenue.

Today a third request came in from a photographer acquaintance who does pro-bono photography for Adoptp-A-Pet, an organization that has helped countless dogs and cats find forever homes.

I will be doing the first two but unfortunately I am busy on the Adopt-A-Pet day. Besides how merry would it be to have dogs barking and peeing on your leg or cats climbing your leg and arm?

Any way, Merry Christmas, almost!

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