Friday, January 22, 2016

An Old World Dream

This morning, during the last dream of my sleep, I created an old world European town with all its sights, sounds, colors, and smells. It has some of the components of, but was unlike any of the places I have ever visited.

The buildings were of brick and were quite old. They were at most three stories high with people living above the shops. Laundry was drying on the lines of some of the buildings and several old ladies were beating the dust out of their carpets. Between the brick buildings here and there were wooden, shack like structures, usually leaning off center just a bit.

The buildings on the street were very densely placed. Some had wooden shutters which were thrown open. In the street which was narrow and filled with people shopping or walking to work. The only cars in sight were one or two small models that were parked haphazardly onto the sidewalk. The cars were of a different era.

I was somehow involved with two shops, one next door to the other and connecting. I do not remember what type of shops or if I was an owner or worker, but I am of the impression that they provided a service of some type, perhaps one was a laundry and one a dry good store.

A woman was in the back room of one of the stores and the front door was propped open. I am not sure if she was my wife, my mother, my sister, or a fellow employee. I do remember as I left the shop, worrying that someone would come in and she wouldn’t hear the bell over the door ring, so I closed the door behind me as I left.

Although it was very early in the morning, as I walked down the street people were sitting in the little sidewalk cafe’s having their morning coffee and the outdoor vendors were already set up and selling. I passed one vendor who was selling pastries and cakes.

Another was selling various cuts of meat on a grill including a roast of beef, a roasted turkey, several whole chickens, piles of sausage links. Behind the grill were a number of whole or partially sliced salami’s and boloneys and wrapped pieces of liver sausage. The smells were delicious!

I went into a small shop and purchased a sesame seed baguette which I slipped into my shoulder bag. I remember thinking that I wanted to go back to the meat stand to buy some food to take home, especially savoring in my mind the potential taste of the liver sausage. 

I awoke very hungry.

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