Friday, January 22, 2016

GYROSCOPE: An Alzheimer's Love Story

The title of this post is the working title of a book of memoirs I am working on.  A manuscript of my memoirs already exists which dealt with the early part of Gregory and my living with Alzheimer's. It covers the day of the diagnosis until seven years later. At that time I stopped writing the manuscript and began my "michael a. horvich cares about alzheimer's" BLOG. 

I made a half hearted attempt to get the manuscript published, thinking it could be the first book with further "adventures" covered in sequels. But my efforts were either ignored or received polite (or form letter) rejections. Ah ...  the way of a writer who would rather write than promote what is written.

But I am back to promoting. I feel that my writing is well done, the experience for the reader is intimate, the lessons learned can be helpful to others, and based on my research there are no other books out there like mine. Most of those published deal with heterosexual couples supporting each other or children helping older parents. In our case we are dealing with a relatively younger Gay couple who started this business in their late 50's.

My memoirs deal with walking the Dementia/ Alzheiemr's path with my same sex partner of 41 years. Alzheimer’s does not discriminate and the fact that we are a same sex partner disappears into the story which is mainly about two people who love each other and what they experience and have to deal with along the path.

I am excited about taking the PDF's from my BLOG, converting them into a WORDX document, editing, and adding them to my existing manuscript. I have set this as my "winter's work" as I continue fine tuning what I hope will eventually be my legitimately published book dealing with living with and loving someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. 

I will keep you posted on my progress. Meanwhile, if you have any strong connections to editors, agents, or publishing houses who you feel might be interested in my work, please let me know. I can send them a letter of inquiry with sample chapters and maybe they will make me an offer I cannot refuse!

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